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VIP Program Terms and Conditions

1 Month Free awarded to the referring member for EACH VIP guest that joins before the 30 day period expires.

If all 5 of the VIP guests join before the 30 day period expires, the referring member get 1 YEAR FREE.

Credits for the free month(s) or year start after 7 consecutive months of the referred members membership (if they join as Month to Month Contract Members). Credit for free month(s) or year will be immediately credited to the referring member should the referred member joins as a Prepay for the Year Membership. The referring and referred member(s) must both be members in good standing, with no delinquent balance due, nor having made any late payments during that period of time.

Credits for the referred members' memberships will only be awarded if the referred member select the Month-to-Month Contract Membership or Prepay for the Year Membership. Credit will not be give for other membership types.