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Corporate Wellness

FitMe Wellness offers customized solutions to companies of all different sizes and types, because each company has a unique culture that needs to be served.

FitMe Wellness' Corporate Wellness Program is more than a gym membership perk for your employees. Rather, it's a healthy lifestyle program geared for real people and designed to work with their health needs.

For the employees that are not at high risk, our program is a low cost remediation tool that addresses absenteeism, presenteeism, and reducing on the job injuries.

For your high-risk employees, our program is a chronic disease management program focused on improving lifestyle through moving more and eating better. This population is additionally served with a coordination of services between our Wellness Coach, Registered Dietician, our Personal Trainers, the patient's primary care physician and/or physical therapist.

Please email our Sales Director of Corporate Wellness to set up a initial consultation.